Según la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS), se llama pandemia a la propagación mundial de una nueva enfermedad. Por ejemplo, se produce una pandemia en el momento en que aparece un nuevo virus de la gripe y se extiende por el mundo porque casi nadie tiene defensas frente a él. Las pandemias a veces han sido causadas por virus gripales que afectan a los animales como la famosa gripe aviar.

English Translation: According the World Health Organization (WHO), a Pandemic is a new disease or virus that is spread worldwide. For example, a Pandemic situation can look similar to the flu otherwise known as influenza and can travel across borders worldwide. This domain name is currently under development and may be for sale.

August 2018, has seen the latest breakout of the Ebola Virus in The Republic of Congo. Over 100 people have been infected. To make matters even worse, Ugandan Islamic Militants have prevented local Doctors and Nurses from treating the infected. Sadly, each year another humanitarian crisis seems to occur regularily in this part of the world.

According to documents provided by the OMS: they speak of the risks in Nigeria, South Sudan, Burundi, Yemen. has some interesting brochures generally speaking about the various situations of conflicts and plight around the world of refugees. Note, this website is not affiliated with the UNHCR nor is soliciting donations, just your attention to the problem of Pandemics around the world.

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